Wednesday, July 10, 2013

If You Had a Chance to Ask Stephanie...

Hi guys :-) My mind has been imagining things a bit lately and it got me to wonder, if you had the chance to ask Stephanie anything about her career (other than Remington), what would it be? Hmmm...
Post your questions below. This just may turn into a very interesting discussion.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hamlet's Ghost Exclusive Sneak Peek - Escape the Past

Thanks to this blog's collaboration with Walker Haynes and in a continuing effort to help promote Stephanie's participation in the indie film "Hamlet's Ghost", we have been given a rare opportunity by Walker Haynes, the star, producer, writer, and director of the film, to preview exclusive scenes from the movie.

The engrossing time travel tale of the movie is one that is not to be missed and Stephanie's participation in the film is something that all of her fans are definitely looking forward to. So until the film hits our theaters in the coming months, please take a look and comment on the movie trailer below.

Enjoy !!!


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Stephanie Returns to the Stage in 2013 with "Steel Magnolias"

 Special thanks to Ms. Judith Moose for letting me use this announcement in this blog.

Since it's taking me a little longer to finish getting the site back up and running, I thought I would let you all know that Stephanie is appearing at the Laguna Playhouse in Laguna Beach, California from April 30th through May 26th in "Steel Magnolias". Directed by Jenny Sullivan, this version will feature Stephanie playing 'Truvy', the owner of the beauty shop. Tickets start at $35.00. Visit the "Steel Magnolias" page at the Laguna Playhouse's website by clicking the link below. 
Purchase tickets here

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Michael Gleason's Working Dirty

This news just came in from Stephanie's official Facebook page via Judith Moose. Michael Gleason, co-creator, producer, and writer for Remington Steele recently launched his latest crime thriller. Here is the official announcement about the book launch: 

"It is my great pleasure to announce that "Remington Steele" co-creator and executive producer Michael Gleason has just released the e-book version of his brand new thriller "Working Dirty". It's available on and by the end of the month (after I've seen him in a few weeks) we'll be making the book available as a paperback as well. So for those of you with e-readers, click the link and order your copy today. It's not "Remington" based, but it's a FABULOUS thriller! - Judy"

To learn more about "Working Dirty" click here.  

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hamlet's Ghost Production Status Update

We need to help get Hamlet's Ghost the Movie onto the silver screen. Walker Haynes and his Associate Producer Rob Paterson have asked me to help enlist the help of the Stephanie Zimbalist fans out there to help make the remaining phases of the movie post production a reality. I am posting Rob's message to the friends, fans, and supporters of Stephanie in its entirety below:

Dear Hamlet’s Ghost Team, Family, Friends, et al:

Hi, all. Rob Patterson, Associate Producer, here. On behalf of the HAMLET'S GHOST production team, I want to thank you all for your commitment and dedication to this project. As a result of everyone's hard work, I already know it will be a great success. Principle photography is all but complete and the post-production process has begun.   The movie has over 8,000 Twitter followers and the Facebook presence is growing. HAMLET'S GHOST follows on the success of A STREAM IN THE DESERT PRODUCTIONS previous feature titles, including the Western, GUNFIGHT AT LA MESA, distributed by LIONSGATE as well as recently completed psychological thriller, VACANT HOUSE which has just garnered a "Silver Screen" award from the Nevada Film Festival.  Executive Producer Walker Haynes has built a track record for success, and HAMLET'S GHOST is the next in this series of successful film projects. 
So, I am excited to inform you that it is time to begin our finishing funds campaign!  In an attempt to produce the highest quality final product possible in a timely manner, we need participation from all of you to lay the groundwork - there will be a few stages to this, each of which we ask for a little bit of help from each of you.   If we do this right, we’ll be able to get the movie edited in the best possible version, acquire distribution, provide payment for those working on deferred compensation, etc. – all of which help to get us moving on to the sequel with a bigger budget! SO, EVERYBODY WINS! Here’s what we need from you:

Two phases:

First Phase:
We have our web specialist, Kimberlee Wilkes,  onboard (WELCOME, KIMBERLEE!) who will be getting the groundwork laid for the campaign. However, in the weeks that she’s doing that, we have to build our network visibility as much as possible in order to maximize the curve of the search engine reach once we get Phase Two started. So, what that means is that we need as many people as possible to “Like” the Hamlet’s Ghost facebook and Twitter pages.  Once the real grip of the campaign gets underway, the more Likes we have, the more exponential reach we’ll have. The difference in doing this or not can determine whether we take off fast enough to make the money we need in time. So, this is very important. SO, PLEASE (in addition to doing do yourself as well, of course, if you already haven’t) EMAIL ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS, FANS, FAMILY, ASSOCIATES, ETC., and give them the links to the pages and have them “Like” them ASAP! Here are those links:

Hamlet's Ghost the Movie on Facebook 

Hamlet's Ghost the Movie on Twitter 

Let's all pitch in and do what we can to help get the movie into the screening rooms this year. We need to support this movie in order to get Stephanie back on the celluloid stage. Giving our support and help to the promotion and finishing of the movie won't take too much of an effort on our part so I hope everyone can dive in and help out. 

Photo Caption Winner Announced!

I know that it took a bit of time but Walker Haynes, the writer, producer, and star of Hamlet's Ghost the movie has finally picked the winner of our photo caption contest.

And the winner is.... Ines from Argentina! Ines has just won an exclusive Hamlet's Ghost wallpaper for her computer screen.

Her winning caption is:

Oh dear Hamlet...I think the wine was poisoned. But living with the boring Claudius, with no TV, no internet, no Twitter, and no facebook, left me with no option. Without some goblets of wine every night I don't know how to survive!!!

 We had another winner to announce along with Ines but because that caption did not have the name of the sender included when it was sent, we were forced to announce only one winner for the contest.

Congratulations Ines and enjoy your wallpaper !

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Remington Steele Makes It to the TVLine List of Shows to Remake Now

By: Michael Slezak
Original Article URL: 23 TV Shows to Remake Now

 Remington Steele
Originally Aired: 1982-1987
How We’d Bring It Back: The romcom-procedural hybrid that helped pave the way for everything from Moonlighting to Bones to Castle starred Stephanie Zimbalist as private eye Laura Holt and Pierce Brosnan as the mysterious man who finessed his way into her life while providing a male face to front her agency. If a new incarnation can give us chemistry half as winning as the Zimbalist-Brosnan pairing — and glamorously solve crimes in the process — then surely there’s room for it on network television, yes?

 (Note: It is nice to see a writer who actually did his research and understood that Laura Holt was the real Remington Steele being attributed to in the show. Even more important, the writer finally gave due recognition to Stephanie Zimbalist as an important and integral part a groundbreaking show geared towards female empowerment in the 80' and the basis for the Castle and Kate Beckett's of today. )